1850 Mortality Schedule
    Persons who died in the year ending 1st June 1850 in entire county of Wakulla state of Florida
    Name Age Sex Color Mar Where Month Occupation Disease
    Bateman, Charles 40 M   M France   Sailor Pleurisy
    Daughtry, Sarah W. 43 F   M GA Jul   Iriseplis
    Giles, Ansel Rowel 3 M     SC Nov   Bowel infection
    Lewis, Tabitha 35 F   M NC May   Congestive fever
    Page, Samuel M. 4/12 M     FL May   Fever
    Reeves, Solomon 50 M   M IL Feb Farmer Piles
    Roberts, Julia 1 F     FL Jul   Fever
    Roberts, Sarah 7 F     FL Apr   Worms
    Roddenberry, Sarah 32 F   M GA Apr   Fever
    Williams, William 27 M   M NC Nov Laborer fever
    Elvina 1 F M S FL Nov   Diarrhea
    Frank 2/12 M B S FL Apr   Smothered
    Moses 80 M B S SC Apr   Apoplexy
    Richmond 6/12 M B S FL Aug   Teething
    Rose 25 F B S Ga Unk   Lung
    Smith 1/12 M B S FL Nov   Worms
    Spincer 9 M B S FL Apr   Dropsy
    Thiopilus 17 M B S FL Mar   Dropsy



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