Collection: The Liberator
Publication: THE LIBERATOR
Date: June 2, 1837
Title: Mobile, May 20.— The fugitive Indians in Florida continue
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Mobile, May 20.— The fugitive Indians in Florida continue to give great uneasiness there. There are reported to be between two and three hundred of them in Washington and Walton counties, who commit numerous depredations and occasional murders. Governor Call ordered out the militia of Jackson county, and gave authority to Col. Jackson Morton, to raise additional forces in Exambia, Washington and Walton, to rendezvous at Hallett's Landing— whither 20,000 rations were sent from Pensacola on Sunday the 7th. There was a fight on Gum Creek, about twenty miles from Alabama, between a party of Alabama troops and a large body of Indians. The number of them engaged was about 160, of whom 16 were killed, and two made prisoners by the whites. The Florida militia had not arrived.






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