Jefferson County Freedmen's Bureau Employees

Editor's Note: Many former slaves living in Jefferson County, Florida in 1866 were named in the diary entries of Alfred Butterfield Grunwell, who worked in Monticello (the county seat) as an agent for the Freedmen's Bureau. From a transcript of the diary received from Grunwell's grandson, the following names were extracted of persons identified as "colored," Negro, or black. Submitted by Alva Stone
Name Date
*Ben June 25
*Daniel June 27
*Jacob July 21
*Laura Aug 2
*Nicie July 2
*Ruben June 4
*"Seah Bob" June 27
*Tom (see under Bailey,Thomas)
*Archie, Spencer July 14
*Austim, William May 20
*Bailey, Thomas (Tom) June 14; June 15; June 26; Aug 14
*Blackledge, William July 10
*Brannan, Henry Aug 7
*Brooks, Frank Aug 2
*Collins, Henry July 25
*Collins, William July 25
*Conaway, William June 20
*Conway, Radford July 14
*Dixon, Ester Aug 6
*Dixon, Julia July 25
*Dixon, March June 21
*Finelson, Joseph July 17; July 21
*Frisbie, Michel Aug 15
*Holman, Dianah July 28
*Innman, Ellis Aug 11
*Jackson, Aaron Aug 14
*Jackson, Eb Aug 3; Aug 14
*Jackson, Floyd Aug 10
*Johnson, Sallie Aug 6; Aug 7
*Lacy, Hector (see under Lang, Hector)
*Lang, Hector June 20;June 21; June 28; June 30; July 7
*Lawton, Alex June 27
*Lawton, Prince Aug 15; Aug 16
*Lingo, Bob July 2
*Love, Charles July 14
*Madison, Mary Ann July 14
*McIntosh, Dennis July 20
*McIntyre, Washington Aug 2
*McMillen, Green July 20
*Miller, Minn July 28
*Mims, Silla Aug 2
*Neal, Mary Ann July 3
*Piel, Adam Aug 6
*Puleston, Robert June 8
*Simpkins, Steven June 14
*Smith, Mahulda June 21; June 22
*Teat, Austin June 22; July 25
*Thompson, Rachel June 14
*Williams, Eliza July 3
*Williams, Frank July 28
*Williams, James June 16
*Williams, Judy July 28
*Woody, Seif June 14
*Yates, Georgia Ann July 14


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