Florida A& M University 1939 Alumni and Addresses.

This is a list of alumni was found in a folder of Florida A&M University items my parents had. It has a heading of 1939. Unfortunately there is no other information with this list. This list was compiled after 1953 because of the mailing address of my father, Noble Killens and uncle, Alphonso Killens both had purchased homes in Detroit, Michigan and New York, New York by this time.

1.   Mr. W. H. Adams, II  1719  Calhoun Street  Jacksonville, Florida
2.   Mrs. Donnella K. Anderson P. O. Box 418   Sarasota, Florida
3.   Mrs. A. A. Benton   2528 13th Avenue, S.  St. Petersburg, Fla.
4.   Mrs. Alice Hewitt Blackburn 6637 S. Minerva Street Chicago, Illinois
5.   Mr. F. D. Blackshear  213 Osceola Street  Tallahassee, Florida
6.   Mrs. Thelma K. Bonner  2809 21st Street  Tampa, Florida
7.   Mr. Cecil W. Boston  Jones High School  Orlando, Florida
8.   Mr. Richard L. Bradley  P.O. Box 612   Bushnell, Florida
9.   Mrs. Catherine E. Brewer  823 W. 17th Street  Jacksonville, Fla
10. Mr. Edward L. Brown  409 West Ninth Street  Lakeland, Florida
11. Mis Inzez L. Brown  P.O. Box 862   Delray Beach, Florida
12. Mrs. Ruth Beatrice Bush  823 West 17th Street  Jacksonville, Florida
13. Mr. Benjamin F. Canty  4213 19th Place, N.E.  Washington 18, D.C.
14. Mrs. Iris H. G. Clark  622 Famcee Street  Tallahassee, Florida
15. Mr. William F. Clarke   1030 Girard Street, N E. Washington, D.C.
16. Mrs. J. Louise Curtis  2920 20th Avenue  Tampa, Florida
17. Mrs. Esther Reed Dailey  P. O. Box 856   Sarasota, Florida
18. Mr. L. V. Davis   507 N. W. Seventh St.  Gainesville, Florida
19. Mr. Leonard D. Davis  C.C. Spaulding School Durham, N. C.
20. Mrs. Blanche Dennis  1321 State Street  Tampa, Florida
21. Mr. George W. Dennis  3420 33rd Avenue  Tampa, Florida
22. Mrs Ruth R. Devitt  1171 W. 24th Street  Jacksonville, Florida
23. Mrs. Gussie Dobbs  1852 N. W. 56th St.  Miami, Florida
24. Major A. H. Downing  625 Eighth Avenue  Bartow, Florida
25. Mrs. Bernice Gause Downing 625 Eighth Avenue  Bartow, Florida
26. Mr. Thomas C. Ferrell  317 S. Campbell St.  Daytona Beach, Florida
27. Mr. Raymond Fields, Jr.  1032 Joe Louis St.  Tallahassee, Florida
28. Mrs. Frances Gause  5601 19th Avenue, N.W. Miami 36, Florida
29. Mr. Marcellus A. Goodwin P. O. Box 225   Goulds, Florida
30. Dr. Edward W. Henderson 1641 Tyler Street  Jacksonville, Florida
31. Mrs. Bernice J. Henderson 1641 Tyler Street  Jacksonville, Florida
32. Mr. George Henry Hill  1463 McConihe St.  Jacksoville, Florida
33. Mr. Anthony C. Hooks  P.O. Box 1046   Ormond, Florida
34. Mrs. Edna L. Hooks  P.O. Box 1046   Ormond, Florida
35. Mr. Harold S. Jenkins  Box 143   Fla. A&M University
36. Mr. A. Quinn Jones, Jr.  1641 N. W. 24th Terrace Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
37. Mrs. Omega E. Jones  811 Bethune Drive  Orlando, Florida
38. Mr. Hercules L. Joyner  P. O. Box 394   Tuskegee Institute
39. Mr. Alphonso D. Killens  1033 E. 227th St.   New York, New York
40. Mr. Noble Spencer Killens 3303 Lawrence  Detroit, Michigan
41. Mr. Arthur F. King  P. O. Box 394   Belle Glade, Florida
42. Mr. Eugene T. Lewis  206 York Street  Nicholasville, Ky
43. Mrs. Lillian S. Mason  3242 Charles Avenue  Coconut Grove, Fla.
44. Mrs. Carolyn J. Miller  2039 Durkee Drive  Jacksonville, Fla.
45. Mrs. Ethel DeMills Miller  P. O. Box 454   High Springs, Fla.
46. Mrs. Bertha James Minor  Federal Advance Teachers
     College   Logos, Nigeria
47. Mr. John H. Morris  1561 Kings Road  Jacksonville, Florida
48. Mrs. Willie M. Murray  1931 N. W. 35th St.  Miami, Florida
49. Mr. Nathaniel R. Muse  7829 S. Evans Street  Chicago, 28, Illinois
50. Mrs. Josephine L. Owens  2920 20th Avenue  Tampa, Florida
51. Mrs. Johnnie Y. Patten  5600 N. W. 19th Ave.  Miami, Florida
52. Mrs. Katie L. Martin Postell 2135 Sixth Avenue, S. St. Petersburg, Fla.
53. Mrs. Marcia McFarlin Reddy 3952nd USAG, APO 58 New York, New York
54. Mrs. Marjorie G. Rhodes  321 N. W. 16th St.  Miami, Florida
55. Mrs. Annie M. Robinson 1756 Tyler Street   Jacksonville, Fla.
56. Mrs. Lillian Thomas Robinson 1327 West. Tenth St.  Jacksonville, Fla
57. Mrs. Lula M. Baldwin
              Robinson   P. O. Box “E”   Florence Villa, Fla.
58. Attorney Francisco Rodriques  704 Harrison St.  Tampa, Florida
59. Reverand Emory R. Searoy 709 Willoughby Way, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia
60. Mrs. Juanita M. Sheehy  1806 Garcia Avenue  Tampa, Florida
61. Mr. Robert G. Simmons  4524 Seventh St., N.W. Washington, D.C.
62. Mrs. Blanche J. Smith   320 N. W. 13th St.  Miami, Florida
63. Mrs. Hazel D. Smith  1220 Third Ave., S.  St. Petersburg, Fla.
64. Mr. Henry B. Smith  832 Arkansas St.  Tallahassee, Fla.
65. Mrs. Annie Kent Stevens  P.O. Box 588   Quincy, Florida
66. Mrs. Juanita Spend Williams 624 Irene Street  Riveria Beach, Fla.
67. Mrs. Olive Stount Williams 530 W. Strong St.  Pensacola, Florida
68. Mrs. Robert C. Thompson 5378 N. W. 29th Ave.  Miami, Florida

Address Unknown:

Miss Sarah L. Frances Wilson
Miss Marian Vivian Blow
Raymond Jon Holt
Miss Mary Lucile Jackson
Miss Winifred Sands
Miss Clyde A. O’Neal
John Andrew Wright
James Goodwyn Manson
John Wesley Thompson
Miss Sharlotte Louise Session
Miss Elizabeth A. Wesley
Noel Milton Smith
Miss Elese Joyce Young
Miss Castella M. Bagley
Miss Daisy Elnora Brookins
Miss Amy Mae West
Miss Aneatha Maria Dames
Miss Ruby McKeever
Selas Hercules Waldon
Mrs. Marie Baker McCleary
Ralph Reginald Jones





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